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3/28/10  |  THUNDER ROAD ROD RUN   |  Vintage Street Rodders of America
            We are excited to announce that BORLA PERFORMANCE INDUSTRIES will be hosting our inaugural
            show the Thunder Road Rod Run September 17-18 on the ground at their Johnson City TN location.  
            The address for the event is 3000 Bill Garland Rd, Johnson City, TN 37604.

            For anyone that building a street rod or putting an exhaust system on anything for that matter, you
            owe it to yourself to visit   You will be blown away at the quality, engineering, and 
            world-class customer service you'll get.  We highly recommend Borla Performance Exhaust to anyone 
            who wants the best sound and highest level of quality engineering.  Be sure to check out their new 
            ATAK performance exhaust system - it ROCKS!  Borla Performance Exhaust is the worlds most 
            winning exhaust!

3/25/10  |  Rule Change from Pre-1950 to Pre-1949   |  Vintage Street Rodders of America
            As many of you know, Vintage Street Rodders of America was created to cater to the true street
            rodder, those who build, maintain and most of all, drive and enjoy their street rods.  We also promised
            to never ignore you when creating new guidelines for the VSRA.  We have taken particular care in
            listening to the people that will make up this organization and an overwhelming majority has 
            spoken.  The VSRA will reset the cut off to Pre-1949 cars and trucks.  The reasoning behind this is
            listed below:

                    1. The overwhelming majority of our members have spoken in favor of a Pre-1949 cut-off date 
                        and since the VSRA is "your" organization, that is a change for the positive in our eyes.  Please 
                        don't think that if our members overwhelmingly spoke in favor of a cut-off date of 1958, or 
                        1970,etc that we would allow it.  That type of request would be in contradiction to the purpose of 
                        this organization.  As we are all for members speaking out for change, suggesting new ideas, 
                        etc, we also know that VSRA will always move in a direction of positive change for the true 
                        street rodder.  In this case we feel this is a positive change for the promotion of true street 
                        rodding and we are very appreciative for all the calls, emails, and letters telling us how you feel.
                    2. Legislation has been passed in many states for registrations and license plates, etc., defining
                        a “street rod” as 1948 or older.  We should all appreciate what a great accomplishment that is
                        which increases our public awareness and provides us (true street rodders) with a high profile, 
                        positive reputation.  To change that now would cause confusion and frustration for those 
                        who've worked so hard lobbying to enact legislation that recognizes our sport/hobby.

                    3. After we launched our membership drive at the Carl Casper Car Show in Louisville, KY this
                        past February, we took our show on the road.  This was incredibly valuable feedback since we
                        actually had a chance to meet with several of our members face to face.  Most if not all
                        understood why we had initially went with Pre-1950 and didn't mind it but said if they had their 
                        preference they would prefer a Pre-1949 cut-off date for entry into VSRA.  After we discovered 
                        that several states already recognized and defined a "street rod" as any car or truck build prior
                        to 1949 and since we had a great majority of our members in favor of a Pre-1949 cut-off, it 
                        seemed only logical to change our policy.

            Before we moved forward with this change we went through ALL of our members, charter members,
            and lifetime members and found only 3 that were effected.  All 3 were contacted and given an 
            explanation and offered a FULL REFUND.  So far, only one has requested a refund.  This offer stands
            for anyone who feels they do not agree with this change.

            Simply contact us via email with the subject heading "REFUND".
            Your membership will be refunded in full within 5-10 business days.  Please keep the VSRA T-shirt as 
            a token of appreciation from us to you for considering us for membership.

            Again, thank you for all of your calls, emails, and letters telling us how you feel.  Remember, the VSRA 
            is YOUR organization and we're dedicated to making it the BEST street rod organization on the planet!

2 / 7 / 10  |  February Newsletter   |  Vintage Street Rodders of America
            We are happy to announce that pre-registration has begun for VSRA (Vintage Street Rodders of
            America).  As we are a week late we thank you all for your patience and understanding. 
As a 
            special limited time offer, we are offering 2 year memberships for $50 which includes a VSRA T-
            shirt. If you are among the first 500 members to pre-register, you will be recognized as a "charter 
            member" which will be indicated on your T-shirt and membership card. 
              At VSRA you will be able to join even if you do not own a pre-1949 street rod as long as you have
            an interest in pre-1950 street rodding.  With this membership, you will get free admission for you
            and one companion to all of our events, cruises, and rod runs.  You will also receive our 
            newsletters detailing all of our upcoming events, shows, and cruises.  Please understand that 
            ONLY pre-1949 cars and trucks will be registered at all of our events, cruises, and rod runs with a 
            registration fee.  We want to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy the sport and eventually 
            participate with a street rod of their own!            UPDATE: 
            ·          VSRA website - We are putting the final touches on our "official" website 
   which should be ready to go in the coming weeks.  

Vintage Street Rodders of America will be attending the Carl Caspers Car Show in 
, Feb 19-21, 2010.  We will have a vendor booth in the 
            north wing so if you plan on attending the show, please drop by so we can meet you.  
            VSRA memberships will be available at the booth along with sample merchandise.

Congratulations to Jim Caswell of Rogersville, TN for winning the VSRA logo contest.  
            Jim will receive a lifetime membership into Vintage Street Rodders of America.

VSRA is proud to recognize Frank Farroni of Willoughby, OH as our first Lifetime
            Member.  Frank owns several vintage street rods and has been a gearhead for many 
            years.  He is very well known throughout the street rodding community as a “True Street 
            Rodder”.  Welcome Frank!

We would like to thank for their support.  Big Al has a wonderful 
            resource for street rodders.  If you are looking for an event, show, cruise in, or rod run to 
            attend, is the place to go.  Just enter your zip code and how far you 
            are willing to travel and a list of events pop up for you to choose from.  Thanks Big Al!

Thank you John Shapiro, editor and publisher of Cruisin’ Times magazine, for your 
            guidance and support.  John has a great magazine and website covering cruise ins and 
            rod runs in the Northern Ohio / West Virginia area.  Visit for more 
            information.  Thanks John!
Our inaugural show – Thunder Road Rod Run – will be held September 17-18 in East 
.  For anyone who’s seen the movie “Thunder Road” knows that the 
            proverbial Thunder Road runs right through the heart of East TN so what better way to 
            honor that heritage than with a bunch of pre1949 street rods thundering through the 
            country side.  As we have more details we will be send them out in our newsletters.
Beyond 2010, we are looking into the possibility of having a spring 2011 show in the 
, OH
area.  Other areas that we are considering are Northern FL, St Louis, MO
VA, and Memphis, TN.  If there are any clubs in these respective areas that are 
            interested in helping organize and/or hosting shows in these areas, please contact Jim 
            at 423-571-6430 or email at

If anyone is interested in forming a cruise to our show in Sept, let us know so we can 
            help coordinate it on our website.

12/5/09  |  Inaugural Event Location Selected   |  Vintage Street Rodders of America
            Currently plans are being made for our inaugural event to be held September 17-18, 2010 in East
            Tennessee.  After several very good location suggestions, East TN was selected because of its 
            central location to our potential show participants and members, temperate climate, and easy 
            access to 2 major Interstates (I-81 and I-26).  All details will be released March 2010.

            As we grow, future show locations for consideration are as follows:  Northern VA, Kentucky, 
            Illinois, and Ohio.


12/5/09  |  VSRA Membership Drive Date Announced   |  Vintage Street Rodders of America
            Vintage Street Rodders of America plans to begin taking memberships February 1, 2010.  We will
            create a membership page on the site so be sure to check back with us in the new year.


11/22/09  |  PRESS RELEASE   |  Cruisin' Times Magazine
            Cruisin' Times Magazine endorses Vintage Street Roders of America


3-25-10  Vintage Street Rodders of America - 
           Many of you have asked where you can research your specific states legislation
              regarding Street Rods.  We found a wealth of information at the SEMA-SAN 
              website.   They've produced model legislation that clearly defines a "Street Rod" 
                   a motor vehicle that:

                    (1) Is a 1948 or older vehicle; or the vehicle was manufactured after 1948 to resemble a
                         vehicle manufactured before 1949; and

                    (2) Has been altered from the manufacturer's original design; or has a body constructed
                         from non-original materials.

SEMA SAN Model Legislation *.PDF                   

              For anyone wanting more information about SEMA SAN Street Rod/Custom
              Vehicle Legislation,
please visit their Round Up page which details all 
              states that
currently have enacted their legislation and progress on all 
              those that have not.

SEMA SAN Street Rod / Custom Legislation Page

VSRA Logo Contest
12-5-09   Vintage Street Rodders of America - 
           We want your input! 
When we launched this site to get feedback, we had no idea what 
                   the response would be.  After several thousand hits and several hundred emails of 
                   support and requests for information, we have been overwhelmed with the response!
                   Thank you!  
                   As we get closer to our launch, membership drives, and most importantly - our first show, 
                   we want to open the floor for suggestions on our VSRA logo.  If selected, you will receive 
                   a LIFETIME VSRA membership FREE!  Email your logo suggestions to 

Cruisin' Times Magazine     by: John Shapiro
11-21-09                 Vintage Street Rodders of America
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