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May - 19

Ron's Corner

Well, it’s ROD RUN SEASON!!!  The weather’s getting warmer and the highway is a calling! Lots of cruiseins and car shows every weekend to choose from. Time to get the rod out of hibernation and enjoy it again. Of course some folks never stopped using their street rods while others had to out wait old man winter. Local events are first on the list of activities. Planning for trips is next. Several friends have reported back that normally well attended national events have had much lower attendance than usual. Perhaps the wet weather has affected participants desire to travel as most weekends have included rain. Jim Bledsoe and several members joined me in Lexington, KY for a pre49 show called the Deuces of the Bluegrass.

This event is sponsored by Shelby’s Way which is a non-profit suicide prevention organization founded by Mark Cain. Lots of very nice 32’s and many non deuce vehicles were in attendance. It was a slightly cool day but still a good time was had by all participants. Jim and some of our members set up a booth that netted many questions and answers about VSRA and got us a new member as well.

We were allowed to present an award for our favorite vehicle and it went to Mel Lawyer for his 32 roadster that he drove from 3 states away to attend. Our first outing of the season was of course the “Swamp Rat” Rod Extravaganza inw Ocala, FL in March. Great weather with temps in the low 80s and sunshine and a breeze made for a fun time for attendees. Since then we have returned to Kentucky to begin the process of selling our home and shop.

Downsizing is hard to do. Realizing that things you have worked a lifetime to acquire are now not that important and not worth the investment to someone else - is eye opening to say the least! But new adventures await over the horizon so onward we trod! I have not had time to finalize an event in Ohio but have not given up on the idea either. Please see Jim’s article concerning the 2019 VSRA Vintage Rod Tour for this year. Join us if you can it promises to be a great time. I will keep you posted via our Facebook Chat page. We have several great suggestions from members as to locations and dates so we will try to sort out details this month to allow for as much advance notice as possible. Mean time the Maggie Valley show is gaining strength and interest. Several folks have sent inquiries concerning dates and hotel info.

Show dates are October 24-26. Previously we had planned on a Friday thru Sunday show but comments concerning travel back home spurred a change to a Thursday thru Saturday outing. Please advise as to which you prefer, Fri, Sat & Sun or Thu, Fri & Sat. This is your organization - so you tell me and we will do as you wish.

I am pleased to report that we are still gaining new members and current ones are renewing their memberships steadily! VSRA is still a strong and growing group of dedicated street rodders. I apologize for the delay in getting things done for the shows. I realize the importance of letting everyone know early when and where what is happening. However since taking over the operations of VSRA my life has changed dramatically.

Please hang in here with me as I’m sure things will calm down soon and I can devote more time to the club. Don’t forget to send us the things you are doing and where you are going. Drop a line to us with an article or story you would like to share with the members. That’s enough from me this month, so until next time stay safe, drive carefully and let’s get together on the road somewhere!!!!

Jim's Corner

Plans for our 2019 Vintage Rod Tour of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Skyline Drive are coming along nicely. I have acquired permission to park our cars on the beautiful grounds at the Little Switzerland Inn unless, of course, the ground would be too wet. I have also set up a Cruise-In in Mt. Airy for Wednesday afternoon. The city Events Coordinator has agreed to reserve a place for us to park for a Cruise-In.

We will visit the Woods Brothers Racing Museum in Stuart, Va. on Thursday morning. There is not a charge at the museum. On Friday morning we will be visiting the D-Day Memorial in Bedford, Va. There is a $10 charge at this museum unless you are a veteran it is $6. This is just a few of the many stops we will be making and as I have always said, you are not required to make any of these stops. These are just suggested tour stops. I have mailed out all of the tour stickers to all the people who have said they were going. If you have not received your tour sticker, please give me call - at 423-571-6430 


▪ Monday July 15th: Meet up in Cherokee, North Carolina at the Super 8 by Wyndham. $76.49 - $85.49 The higher rooms are Suites. They did not have enough regular rooms. 828-5541281 

▪ Tuesday July 16th: Travel to The Switzerland Inn in Little Switzerland, NC. $139 828-765-2153 135 miles 

▪ Wednesday July 17th: Travel to the Hampton Inn in Mt. Airy, NC $109 336-789-5999 150 miles 

▪ Thursday July 18th: Travel to the Comfort Inn in Roanoke, Virginia. $65 540-527-2020 100 miles 

▪ Friday July 19th: Travel to the Best Western Plus in Waynesboro. VA. $125 540-942-1100 120 miles 

▪ Saturday July 20th: Travel to the Holiday Inn Express in Winchester, VA. $99 540-667-7050 105 miles 

Front Royal, VA. is the end of Skyline Drive but hotels in Front Royal were very expensive. Winchester is only 20 min. away. As you can see by the daily mileage, we have allowed plenty of time to stop and enjoy points of interest along the parkway. The speed limit on the parkway averages 35 mph. Some of the points of interest: 

  • Mt. Mitchell (highest point east of the Mississippi River) 
  • Mt. Airy (Andy Griffith’s hometown) 
  • Mabry Mill 
  • Minerals Museum 
  • Blue Ridge Music Center 
  • Meadows of Dan 
  • Woods Brothers Racing Museum 
  • National D-Day Memorial 
  • Linn Cove Viaduct 
  • Peeks of Otter 
  • Many other lookouts along the parkway.

Deuces Visit by VSRA-USA

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