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February - 19

Ron's Corner

Well the time is getting closer! Closer to the First Annual “Swamp Rat” Rod Extravaganza that is. That's right March 29-31 is fast approaching, and things are looking good! Lots of interest, emails and conversations about our event. We are booking vendors for the swap meet, receiving pre-registrations and adding activities.

Two new items this year are a custom painted VSRA electric guitar to be auctioned off at our event. It is being painted by Chris Cruz Artistry in Deland Florida. Next, we made arrangements with a manufacturer to have neon logo clocks available at this run! Both items are simply gorgeous and would make a welcomed addition to any man cave, wall or shop.

We have several new games and activities planned as well as our ladies shopping tour on Saturday. As promised the man “Big Daddy” Don Garlits will be there for a meet and greet, pictures and autograph signing. He just celebrated his 87th birthday and still going strong!

There are a couple of 'convoys' getting together to come to Ocala from different areas so that might be of interest to some of you. Arrangements are being made via our Facebook 'chat' page so check it out.

While I have been in rehab from the knee operation, I have had limited opportunities to get to some events but have managed a few. Met some very nice folks at the Sumter County 3 Day auto Extravaganza ( car → ) and set up a booth there. Gained some vendors for our show and had many folks promise to make the Swamp Rat run.

We also ventured up to the Villages for their Saturday car show/festival and handed out fliers and V.S.R.A. info cards. Lots of fun and some very nice rides.

Also met two gentlemen in their late 60s moving down here to Florida and opening hot rod shops!! Street rodding IS NOT dead folks! That will make about 6 within a 20-mile radius of where we live.


Three items I need to mention this month. One concerning a show in Ohio. We still need one but due to selling my shop and home in Kentucky and having to move as soon as we get back and not having a concrete location yet, things may have to be put on hold until next year. Two – our Maggie Valley show is in the books, but art work and applications have not been done yet. I will get these things done and printed asap. We are looking forward to the fall colors in the mountains. And lastly, I understand some folks were having trouble contacting me about our events. Well I had major phone problems for a couple of weeks without knowing about it. But since have had the difficulties corrected so that both 502-648-0142 and 502-415-6647 are working numbers. I will return any missed calls as I don't always have the phones handy. Sorry about any confusion.

We will be returning to Evansville, In. in August for the Frog Follies so plan on seeing us there. Once again, we will present 2 awards, a 'Favorite” pick and a youth pick. I hope all our members come and assist in selection as well as working in our booth.

We like to advertise any and all pre-49 shows we hear about but will also plug shows of our members and/or charitable outings as we get notified about them. So please send us information about upcoming events that you know about. Also let us in on what you are doing, where you're going/have been. The newsletter is for you to stay informed, so inform us!!

We sincerely hope everyone has survived the winter unharmed! A new season of driving fun is beginning, and we expect a year of continued growth for VSRA. So do your part and spread the word! We are here to stay! May GOD bless this great land of opportunity and all its citizens.

See you on the street – your antique teenager – Ron Goben

  Jim's Corner

e have a few members going to the Cruisin’ for Paws in Vicksburg, Ms. on March 7,8, and 9th.  If anyone is interested in traveling with us, please let us know (423) 571-6430.  We are traveling on Wednesday the 6th to a little over half way and going into Vicksburg on Thursday morning.  This is a Pre-49 show so come along and enjoy the fun.  If you need more information on this show, contact Al Mashburn at (601) 831-2008.

2019 Vintage Rod Tour

The 2019 Vintage Rod Tour will travel to the Blue Ridge Parkway and Shenandoah Valley this year.  Back in 2011, we had our first Vintage Rod Tour where we traveled the Blue Ridge Parkway.  This year I would like to add the Shenandoah Valley to the tour.  Looking back, I think that since The Blue Ridge Parkway was our first tour, it would be good to do the same tour and add the Shenandoah Valley as a way of saying to our members that we are still here and we want to go the extra mile for you, The Member.   We are thinking about doing it the week of July 15th.   Hopefully we'll have the dates working by the next Newsletter. 

Cars in The Clouds at the 2011 Vintage Road Tour – Blueridge Parkway

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